My Equipment

My equipment consists of:

Nikon D90 + Battery Grip
Nikon D700 + Battery Grip
Sigma 17-35mm 2,8-4f
Nikon 50mm 1,8f
Sigma 28-75mm 2,8f
Samyang 8mm Fisheye 3,5f
Sigma 70-300mm macro 4,5-5,6f
Tamron 200-400mm 5,6f
Nikon 18-55mm VR 3,5-4,5f
Nikon 55mm Micro AF 2,8f
Telescope 700mm 5.6f (creed)

Sony DSC-H7
Additional lens zoom 2x
Additional lens Wide 0,45x

Panasonix Lumix DMC-TZ8
Nikon Coolpix 3200

Other accessories:
Flash Nissin Di466
Flash Slave
Ring Led-Flash
Ring macro AF
Multiplier 2x
Filter ND +4 +8 +8
Filtri ND Variable
Filter Circular polarizer
Filter Star 4* e 6*
Filter UV
Filter IR
Filter Cokin degrading
Filter Cokin ND
Filter Cokin Circular polarizer
Tripod Walimex with Manfrotto head
Tripod Manfrotto Modo B
Monopiede Manfrotto
Table Top Tripod
Wired Remote control
Dropsduino (My Hardware and Firmware)
Remote IR for Nikon