About Me:

I want to start my biography with this Andreas Feininger's quotation "Those who can not take a picture with an interesting device to be cheap, very difficult to get something better with the camera of his dreams!" (Andreas Feininger)My name is David Guerrini, my passion for photography has started from digital photography. With photographic film, indeed, I've never had lots of experiences, above all with disposable camera. I prefer taking pictures about landscapes, natural issues and macro, but I often take pictures about sports and portraits also.


It has been published one of my pictures about Bolsena's lake on the magazine "Grand Tour Fede" (edited by: MAT Edizioni), it has been dedicated a whole page to this picture. The picture "Brindisi all'Italia" has been published on the book "Fratelli Comuni", dedicated to the 150th of Italian unification (edited by: Gargoyle), the same picture has been used as front page of the preface of that book and it has been exposed at the show at Vittoriano (from March, 17th, to May, 6th 2012).
I participate to some picture expositions such as "Montefiascone innevata" (from April, 5th, to May, 2ndz) and "Arte stesa" (from May, 20th, to May, 22nd at Villa San Giovanni in Tuscia, VT, where, moreover, I work with the Cultural Association Sbob). I've had lots of publications on local newspapers. Lots of pictures I took have been included on the application "Yahoo Weather", about Florence, Viterbo, Rome, Orvieto and some other small villages spread around Viterbo, such as Montefiascone (where I live), Bolsena, Bagnoregio and many others, this section is constantly updated. I tried to sum up my work on my official Website www.guerrinidavid.com, where you can find lots of links to my Flickr and 500px galleries.


I won't include the very first cameras I bought when I stil didn't know that I wanted to take professional pictures, such as the first mobile phones and the first compact cameras with an internal memory, they were not enough for me and sometimes they weren't proper bargains! I started with a Nikon D40 with a standard lens, I've found it on the net, it was a second hand, it has been a good camera to start with, even though while I write I'm thinking about another step I've done before my very first reflex, the Sony DSC H7, a bridge which I would never buy if I turned back time, I'd rather buy a reflex (or do I have to thank it for having lead towards a reflex?) With the Nikon D40 I've met the very first satisfactions and I've started buying accessories and lens. When I've had the necessity to control the autofocus of some lens (it wasn't available on D40) I bought a new D90. I started, with this D90 and Photoduino, taking pictures to water drops, a kind of picture for which I'm very curious, so curious that I've made a tool to "drive" water drops. Its name is Dropsduino. Then, I decided to have a huge change, I've bought a D700, when it arrived I instantly loved it, but I didn't betray my D90, it's an unchangeable friend for my trips. Among my favourite lens there's the 50 1.8f, a fisheye for particular pictures and a wideangle 17-35, which is unchangeable for taking pictures of landscapes.

My Subjects:

I love photograph art in general, but I prefer sightseens, even though I love taking pictures of flowers, animals and macros too. when I'm inspired I take a picture of everything!